Welcome to Apex Fun Run!

Why Apex?

PTAs are busy enough. Let us do the heavy lifting. “Hassle-free” is not just a bullet point on our marketing materials – it’s a promise from our team to yours.

  • Net more dollars in less time than ever before
  • A fundraiser paired with leadership curriculum—what could be better?
  • Hassle-Free...the PTO has a full-time team in APEX – working shoulder-to-shoulder to maximize time and money-raising
  • Building leaders while simultaneously building your school’s reserves
  • Children learn about contributing to their school’s bottom line by being a part of the fundraising process
  • Athletes promoting action – and setting an example of great attitude + great leaders = great results

… the preferred fundraising choice for America's best schools. Why? We build powerful leaders while raising more money than previously possible for our schools. As a hassle-free fundraising option, Apex Fun Run combines the power of a strong character curriculum with fitness that is fun. Our athletes partner with local schools to transform the lives of students and raise much needed funds.

Not a school? Try using Anython.com to fundraise with your sports team, youth group, non-profit, etc.

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