What is Pledge Per Lap and Simple Donation?

Pledge Per Lap means that you pledge a dollar amount for every lap that your student completes at the Apex Fun Run (between 26-36 laps, not more than 36). Simple Donation means that you pledge to pay a flat amount regardless of how many laps your student runs. For example, you can pledge $1 per lap or pledge $30 no matter what. Pledges per lap allow students to reach the goal, but either pledge works great!

How do I edit a pledge?

Pledges can be edited by going to the "My Pledges" page and clicking the "Edit" button below each sponsor. All pledges are locked in at midnight PST each night so that the Apex Fun Run team can coordinate prizes. If you need to change a pledge information for a sponsor, please click on the Help Request question below and tell our team. Someone will get back to you as soon as they can from the school.

How are the Awards calculated and earned by each student?

The awards are given to each student based on the pledge per lap amount raised. Pledges per lap are added to unlock each new prize level.

Simple donations can also help students reach awards: $30 of simple flat donations are considered to be equal to $1 pledged per lap. So if someone gave $60 simple donation to the student, it would result in $2 pledged per lap increase.

How do I pay my donation?

Checks are to be made out to . You will also get a link to pay on your email.

When is the Apex Fun Run?

The Apex Fun Run will be held on .

When are all the funds due?

Pledge money will be due on . Please have students reach out to all sponsors to thank them and remind them to pay by this date online or by check.

Can I come to the Apex Fun Run?

Yes please!!! The more parents the better! And we'll have noise makers for you to cheer with.

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* All students will run between 26 and 36 laps. No more than 36.